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Dr. Simpson is the most experienced weight loss surgeon in Arizona, performing more lap-band and gastric sleeve surgeries than any other surgeon in the Southwest Valley.

Candidate for Surgery?

The LAP-BAND and Gastric Sleeve are so safe we offer these procedures to people who are overweight by as little as 50 pounds.  The surgeries are highly effective.

Payment Options

Weight Loss Surgery doesn’t have to break the bank. It is often covered by insurance; and we offer discounts for cash-pay. Additionally, there are financing options.

Succeed with the Gastric Sleeve

As a weight loss surgeon of many years, I understand that the more empowered and informed my patients feel, the more success they are likely to have, following their weight loss surgery. I created an on-line course that focuses on the Gastric Sleeve.

Caring for Your Gastric Sleeve focuses on the strategies for success that have been the most useful for sleeve patients. The surgery itself is just one part of the weight loss journey. Healthy habits, eating and behavior modifications, along with support are key elements in sustained weight loss success.

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Succeed with the LapBand

Making the decision to lose weight and move towards improved health, is a wonderful goal, and can also seem overwhelming. I often tell my patients that weight loss surgery provides a tool to help your body shed excess weight. Understanding how the tool works, and how you can support the tool are critical elements of weight loss success.

For my patients who have had lap-band surgery, or for those considering lap-band surgery, I suggest my online course  – Master the Band.  It is delivered via email over the course of several weeks.

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Already Had Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Simpson accepts patients into his practice who may have had their weight loss surgery performed by other doctors. A common reason we see patients from other practices is the lack of post-op care or post surgery support. Our practice offers comprehensive patient support, both before and after surgery. You’ll have access to support groups, online communities, weekly newsletters, healthy recipes, webinars, and much more. And what many of our patients truly appreciate, you’ll have access to your surgeon!

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Patients Share Their Experiences...

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