Is Lap-Band the Right Weight Loss Surgery?

The Lap-Band went from the most common weight loss operation to the least common of the three weight loss operations. Does that mean the Lap-Band is a bad operation? Well, for some it is, but it really is the most underutilized weight loss surgery. Find out if this is the best option for your weight loss surgery. Read More…

What Doctors See After Weight Loss Surgery

Now Accepting Patients from True Results

LAP-BAND Arizona: Weight Loss Success

Dr. Terry Simpson is the most experienced weight loss surgeon in Arizona. He performs weight loss surgery in his Phoenix area practice. He also provides comprehensive support, information, and even webinars to help his patients succeed with their weight loss goals and lifestyle changes.

What Does Lap-Band Surgery Cost? We offer lap-band surgery at competitive pricing for our cash patients. If you are using insurance to pay for your Lap-band, our staff works with your insurance provider to get you approved. We are Arizona’s most experienced LapBand surgical practice, and our experience and patient follow up is the most comprehensive in the Southwest.


Weight Loss Surgery Changed Her Life

Dr. Simpson performed weight loss surgery on Jineane Ford in 2006, and the Arizona broadcaster and former Miss USA is a shining example of the weight loss success that can be achieved with lap-band surgery.

Dr. Terry Simpson: 20+ Years Experience

At Southwest Weight Loss, Dr. Simpson performs weight loss surgery that puts you on the road to weight loss, and a healthier life.

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