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The Lap Band Does Not Make You Feel Full

The Lap Band Does Lower Your Appetite

Probably one of the biggest myths about the band is that it will make you “feel full.” Or that you can “feel satisfied,” or that you will be able to eat less. Instead the Lap-Band decreases your appetite thermostat (appestat) overall. Something you cannot do without the band.

If you try to have the band tell you when to stop eating, or when to feel full you can end up with a band slip, heartburn, and heart ache, as well as no weight loss.
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If Something Gets Stuck in your Lapband

* Wait
* Walk around
* Put your hands in your armpits and flap your elbows in a circular motion.
* Stretch as high as you can.
* Take a hot shower.
* Think about how you sinned and swear you’ll never do that again.
* Tiny sips of hot tea.
* Bounce down the stairs.
* Bend over and try to touch your toes.
* Get an unfill.

The main thing is that if something is stuck in the band it will come out. It feels horrible.

DO NOT attempt to force it down by drinking more water.

The tiny sips of tea are just to test to see if it is down

ER often cannot do anything unless they are willing to attempt an unfill of a band.

Know your doctor’s office hours (our hours are Monday 9-11:30 and 1-2:45, Thursday 8-11:30 and 1-4:30 and Friday 9 to 11:45).

Some places provide weekend unfills of bands – but be certain to know if they are providing them with an appropriate needle (Non-coring Huber type) and learn how much they will be taking out of the band.

We provide unfills on weekends for our patients if we are in town- but it is not covered by insurance or any other plan and costs $100 cash – provided the patient has taken our course “Mastering the Band ” – a course that helps them learn how to not get into trouble. Actually – if they have taken the course they get, upon graduation, a certificate for that magical office visit or a weekend unfill (some get the buy the course and get the credit ahead of time).