What Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

My practice offers a special cash price to patients that do not have insurance, or who opt to pay cash for surgery.

Outpatient Gastric Sleeve (Self Pay) $13,500
Price includes 2 years of routine follow-up office visits.
Any additional services, that are not routine (ie Upper GI), are billed separately.

Outpatient Lap-Band (Self Pay) $12,500
Price includes 6 months of routine follow-up office visits.
Any additional services are billed separately.

Revisions: if you’ve previously had bariatric procedures, contact our office for pricing.

New Patients :: $265.00 for Self Pay Initial Office Visit
$150 covers the office visit. $115 covers upper GI procedure, required for all new patients

Call my office to learn more about how the cash pricing works (480) 500-5080, as there are requirements and restrictions.

Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

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Dr. Simpson is a proctor of the Allergan LapBand, training other LapBand surgeons how to properly perform LapBand procedures. As Arizona’s most experienced Lap-Band surgeon, Dr. Simpson offers you the best opportunity for success with your weight loss goals. Contact our offices to learn more.


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