New Weight Loss Surgery Available

Gastric Plication is an operation that restricts what you can eat. Where the Lap-Band suppresses appetite, it does NOT restrict how much you can eat. For some people, they want the sensation of “STOP EATING” – and that is what the plication does, that the lapband does not do. There are also those who like both – having a lapband to suppress hunger and having the plication to tell them not to eat any more. This is an “investigational” procedure, and insurance does not yet cover the cost. Gastric plication surgery is now being done on an experimental basis .

Gastric Plication eliminates many complications associated with Lap-band surgery. Performed through a laparoscope, Gastric Plication is minimally invasive. The stomach is folded into itself, limiting the capacity of the stomach from about 50 ounces to 4 to 8 ounces. No cutting or stapling is performed so the risk of complications are obviously much smaller than traditional gastric bypass operations. Lap-band surgery is unique in that it requires implantation of the gastric band around the top of the stomach. The fill port is also implanted and attached to the Lap-band by a tube. Some patients have very low tolerance to these implants and the band must be removed when rejected by their body. A very few patients don’t deal well with the fill procedure. To adjust the Lap-band saline solution is injected through the skin into the fill port. The Lap-band fill procedure is easily tolerated by most patients. But every once in while a patient has problems with the injection. Gastric plication only requires simple sutures that are typically never rejected by the human body. It requires no additional maintenance (fills).

Advantages of Gastric Plication

Gastric Plication is truly reversible weight loss surgery. Lap-band surgery was the most completely reversible weight loss surgery prior to Gastric Plication. Lap-band surgery reversal requires that the lap-band and its port be removed. Depending on the individual case this may not be able to be accomplished using laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery may be required. To reverse Gastric Plication surgery, sutures are simply removed and the stomach unfolds. In almost all cases reversal is easily accomplished using laparoscopic surgery.

Gastric Plication over Lap-band:
* No foreign devices implanted.
* No adjustments are required.
* Food is far less likely to become stuck.
* Offers more restriction than Lap-band surgery.
* No cutting of the stomach or the intestine.
* Gastric Plication causes no nutritional deficiencies.
* Few food restrictions compared to Gastric Bypass or Lap-band surgeries.
* Gastric Plication can be reversed more easily than any other surgery.
* Gastric Plication is safer than other weight loss surgeries (less than 1% complication rate in medical studies).

If you would like to investigate Gastric Plication, please contact our offices and one of our team members can discuss the advantages, opportunities, and qualifications with you. 602-234-SLIM

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