Gastric Sleeve as a Weight Loss Surgery

The Gastric Sleeve is a weight loss operation that removes approximately 90% of the stomach. That includes the part of the stomach that produces a lot of ghrelin, or appetite hormone. It works to quell obesity in two manners. One is by restricting the amount that you can intake, and the other is by reducing your appetite.

Did you know that Dr. Simpson was the first surgeon in Arizona to offer the gastric sleeve as a stand-alone procedure? The sleeve has been approved as a procedure for weight loss with most insurance companies, and we like it as an alternative to the Lap-Band. In recent years, the gastric sleeve procedure has improved significantly, especially because: (a) the staples are better (b) it can often be done as an outpatient procedure.

Some people know right off the bat that the Lap-band is not for them
Some people just want to get their weight loss operation and then forget it. While that can never fully be realized as all weight loss surgeries require lifestyle changes, The Gastric Sleeve does not require physical maintenance such as the Lap-band’s adjustments. We have also had a very few patients reject Lap-band surgery just because they knew themselves – they knew that Lap-band adjustments were not for them. A few of those people had aversions to needles and while a Lap-band adjustment is a whole lot easier to take than it appears, some just don’t deal well with the concept of injections.

Lap-band to Gastric Sleeve surgery
We have also found some people don’t tolerate the Lap-Band and wish to have an alternative procedure. Gastric Sleeve surgery can be used as a replacement weight loss procedure for the Lap-band. If the Lap-band has not slipped out of position, Dr. Simpson can do the Gastric Sleeve procedure at the same time he removes the Lap-band. If the Lap-band has slipped out of position, Dr. Simpson may have to let the stomach rest for a couple of months before doing another weight loss surgery.

The Gastric Sleeve is a very good weight loss operation using stomach transection
If you are going to have a weight loss procedure requiring removal of a portion of your stomach, Gastric Sleeve is a good choice. Why is that? Because in effect your stomach remains in tact. Only the side of it is removed. The other most popular weight loss procedures using stomach transection is the Roux-en-Y Bypass. This operation cuts the stomach horizontally transecting (but not removing) the lower half. The lower half of your stomach is removed from your digestive tract but remains dormant within you. The lower half of your stomach is a miracle of nature. The valve structure at the exit of your stomach is critical to normal digestion. Without it, food enters your system in a much rawer state. This more often than not causes terrible gas and diarrhea. Food cannot be fully digested and nutritional deficiencies result. The Gastric Sleeve leaves your lower stomach in tact. Figuratively speaking It just closes a few lanes of your digestive highway. Everything works exactly the way it did before the operation.