The cost of lap-band surgery for cash pay patients versus insurance patients can vary. Our office works diligently to help make sure your lap-band procedure is covered by insurance, if possible.

Dr. Simpson provides more than affordable Lapband surgery; included in lapband surgery is a comprehensive weight loss surgery program involving state-of-the-art lap band surgery, as well as pre and post operative education, evaluation, and support.

Insurance Verification
To determine if your insurance policy covers obesity (or “bariatric”) surgery, refer to the policy package that all insured people receive after they have paid their first premium, or if they have chosen a plan offered by their employer. Typically, there are two sections that describe the extent and limits of coverage. The first is usually called “What Is Covered” or “Covered Expenses.” These are the healthcare benefits for which the company will pay. The other section is “What Is Not Covered” or “When the Plan Does Not Pay Benefits.” In this section the company tells the insured which treatments they have to pay for themselves. You should refer to your insurance information to determine whether your policy covers surgical therapy for the treatment of morbid obesity.

In December 2011, an FDA advisory panel recommended the expansion of the use of Allergan’s Lap-Band™ system for weight reduction. The panel recommended lower BMI guidelines, which in turn makes weight loss surgery a more viable option for more patients.

Call our offices to learn more about costs of surgery, and payment options. Again, our office will work with your insurance to get your lap band surgery covered if possible.

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