Just For Men

Weight loss isn’t just a concern for women. Weight loss is a concern for men as well. Many of our male patients shared very similar stories with us – as young men they were active and could easily eat whatever they wanted. Lifestyle changes caused them to become less active, and the pounds caught up with them.

“I was deprived of feeling good, my quality of life, and exercise, all because as I got older it was harder and harder to lose weight, and almost impossible to keep it off. Then I discovered the Lap-Band. Now I am feeling better, more active, and I don’t even have to think about my weight.”

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Some of our patients were once professional athletes — at the height of their training, their calories were burned easily because of their activity level. Once they retired, or became injured, their activity levels decreased, but their appetites didn’t.

As we get older, two things happen: our activity levels slow down, and our metabolism slows. Our appetites don’t decrease, and sometimes our food intake even increases. Eating out can become more common. Even with a consistent exercise program, a slower metabolism can lead to weight gain.

Being overweight leads to other health issues, like hypertension and diabetes. LAP-BAND users who had previously developed these health issues have seen them disappear, thanks to the LAP-BAND!

The LAP-BAND offers more than just a weight loss solution. It improves your health. It allows you to eat the amount of food that maintains your weight at your desired level. And we don’t just install your LAP-BAND, we show you how to maximize your results, and improve your overall health.