Our surgical practice provides more resources and support than any other LapBand practice in Arizona.

The most experienced LAP-BAND surgeon in Arizona.
Dr. Simpson has performed  more operations for the band than any other surgeon in Arizona. No one has placed more bands, and no one has more experience with the band.  Dr. Simpson has been chosen to teach (proctor) other surgeons how to place the band, and to “sign off” on other surgeons when they get the band.

There is no surgeon in Arizona that has placed more bands.  Dr. Simpson was the first in Arizona to do the “single incision” lap-band, and has the largest series of this advanced laparoscopic technique in the United States. The maker of the equipment for the Single-Incision Laparoscopic surgery came to Dr. Simpson first, because of his experience with the smallest incisions for the band.  Not everyone is eligible for a single-incision band, but Dr. Simpson’s goal is to offer this to all patients.

Unlike other practices, we don’t ship you out of state to have your surgery. You also meet Dr. Simpson at your initial consult, and have an opportunity to have all your questions answered.

The most experienced hospital or outpatient center in Arizona:
It would make sense that the most experienced surgeon would operate at the hospital with more band experience than any in Arizona. Why the hospital — because it gives you a choice if you want to go home that day, or if you want to spend the night – it does however increase the cost over the outpatient center.  For patients who opt to spend the night, they find the hospital with the friendliest nurses, the highest rate of customer satisfaction, the cleanest facility (lowest infection rate of any hospital in Arizona), and nurses who know how to care for band patients.  Not that people want to spend a night in the hospital, but sometimes it is the most comfortable place you can be (like if you have young kids at home and you need the break after surgery). And while it is great to be in a hospital that has been consistently voted at the top by our patients;  what you don’t see is the most modern laparoscopic equipment in the state – the finest monitors, and instruments that provide you with the safest operation possible.

Our Outpatient surgery center rocks! For most patients this is the place they will go.  The center has had more experience with the band than any other outpatient center in Arizona – it is clean and comfortable.

Anesthesiologists that are premier!
Most don’t think about their anesthesiologist until they see them before surgery.  We think about anesthesia a lot. We have used the same group of anesthesiologists for years. They have taken care of more band patients than any anesthesiologists in town! This means there is less chance that you will wake up with nausea, or pain. Just as you want a surgeon with knowledge and experience, you also want an anesthesiologist that can take care of you.

Support Second to None.
Our cash price includes 18 months of office visits — including all and any fills done in the office during this time. This isn’t just a “fill,” this is an office visit with your surgeon, Dr. Simpson.  Adjusting the band in our practice is done by Dr. Simpson – -not someone else. This means you see the surgeon and can ask the most experienced surgeon in Arizona about your progress.  Whether  you need one fill or 20 fills — Dr. Simpson includes this in the first 18 months.    The other is an on-demand fill process.  After your first fill you may find it isn’t quite enough — which is common, typically it takes 3 adjustments before the band settles in.  Not a problem — we will get you in for another fill within a week — no long waits, we want you to get on your road to weight loss success.

The reason you may need additional adjustments is that  your stomach needs to adjust.  How do we know this? Because no one has done more band adjustments than Dr. Simpson.  In fact, most surgeons do not adjust the bands of their patients – most surgeons have other staff adjust bands. Who do you want adjusting your band? The surgeon who has done more than anyone, or someone else?

Then there is the tight band – -suppose your fill is too tight – -we get you in ASAP to have a tiny bit removed so that you can eat comfortably.

Why 18 months? Because we want you well on your way to weight loss!  We think that the operation is just one part of what you need, we want you to not worry about additional expenses.  This is a new feature of our practice. Typically we offer 13 months of fills after the self-pay price, but this is our effort to get you there without worries.

Why not just give a set number of fills? First, because we think an office visit is more than a “fill” it is a chance to talk with the doctor.  While many practices include two or more fills with the price of surgery then they charge for additional adjustments — those charges add up quickly. But not with us. You can be assured that your adjustments for that critical first two years, will all be included. Consider that our average patient needs six adjustments in the first year.  Some patients need no adjustments, some need ten.  If you need more adjustments, or need to talk with the surgeon – -you can.  The question to always ask — who does the fills, and how easy is it to get in to get another fill.

BLIS Complication Protection Insurance.
Complication Protection Insurance for 18 Months including:
1) Band Slip
2) Band Erosion,
3) Port Site Problems

Complication Protection Insurance for 90 days including:
1) Bleeding,
2) Infection,
3) Leak,
4) Perforation

Support Group Built Around the Band
Our support group is the longest active LAP-BAND support group in the state. Want to talk to another band patient ? Look no further!  Plus Dr. Simpson attends almost every support group. This is the only practice in the state where the surgeon routinely attends support groups.  Support groups are typically held twice a month so patients can choose which one they want to attend.  The support groups are based around the “Eight habits of successful LAP-BAND patients.”

In every support group you can meet patients at every stage of banding – -those that are just starting, to those that have had a band for a while. Meeting new people who know what you are going through, and can offer tips, support, and encouragement for your new journey.

In addition to our support group meetings we have social events — like our annual Christmas party or the Spring Fling.

In addition to the support group we have other methods of support.
Our newsletter — we have one just for post op patients.
Podcasts — you can download them from the computer onto a CD, or listen on an ipod or listen on the computer.
Our workbook — given to every patient.  The workbook that is used by LAP-BAND support groups around the country is available to you.

We wrote the book!
Every patient gets the workbook that Dr. Simpson wrote – -and in this workbook are the eight habits of the successful patients.  The band is more than just a piece of plastic with fills.  The band is a lifestyle change.  Unless you are willing to commit to a lifestyle change you will not be successful with the band.  There are eight habits that successful band patients do — simple, easy, and once adopted make the band the greatest tool for weight loss. That is the basis of our support group.  You can buy the book on amazon.com — and many support groups use our band — but you have the chance to not only have the band, but the author!  The book not only contains the steps to support, it also has recipes and menu plans.

Revision surgery
For revisions (patients who have had prior weight loss surgery such as the RNY, the duodenal switch, or the sleeve) the cash price is more, depending upon the extent of other operations you have had.  Dr. Simpson has placed more bands over bypass, over gastric sleeves, stomach staplings,  and duodenal switch operations than any other surgeon in Arizona.  While these operations typically take longer than the 20 minutes for a standard band, the band on top of an existing weight loss surgery gives you a second chance.  A chance to have the band to help you get to your goal.

Is that really Dr. Simpson answering the email?
Yes, it is.  It is called concierge medicine.  Primary care doctors charge up to $10,000 a year to have this service — and it is included in the price of surgery — email contact with your surgeon.  Do you know another surgeon who answers their email?

We also offer email contact with the office staff.  Sometimes it is easier to send a quick email to get an appointment instead of waiting on a phone.  Sometimes you have a simple question about things, and sending an email makes it easy. Maybe you are too busy during the day and have a question for Dr. Simpson or the office — send an email, you will get a response fast!  In addition we have a message board that you can see what our patients are doing, blogging, and thinking about.  Ever have what you thought was a question but forgot to ask — we make it simple– email us!

A Band is More Than a Piece of Plastic that Needs Fills:
We offer the most comprehensive after care program in the country, with great support. Just getting a lap-band is only half the process.  If you don’t learn how to use your band then you will end up with an expensive piece of plastic. Our holistic approach to lifestyle change, using the band as a center piece is unique, and one reason we have so many successful patients. We know how to get you to your goal and keep you there. In addition, our support is designed even for those who cannot get to support groups – we know many of you are busy, or live out of town. For that we have podcasts —on-line support groups. Our workbook, is a step-by-step guide to get you to your goal and keep you there, and that is the basis of our support group, this is filled with menu plans and recipes for those who want to know how our successful patients have done it.

No Upcharging.
Our price is the bottom line.  You won’t find upcharges. We won’t add unnecessary tests, or procedures to increase the cost. Our price includes all aspects of your care for a routine band.  If you do need extra examinations– such as heart stress tests, those can be done through your insurance. Those tests are all done on a case by case basis, and not “routine.”

The Best Value
We know it is the best value in Arizona.  If you would like to find out more information about our program and the lap band – please come to one of our seminars (you can register on www.southwestweightloss.com) or call our office and make an appointment.

In addition, we offer a seminar-on-demand —  a seminar that you can view from your home with a high speed internet connection.  This is available at www.drsimpson.net .

For appointments we see patients on Monday mornings, all day Thursday, Friday mornings, and once a month on Saturday mornings– you could email us and let us know which day would work for you and we will set up an appointment.  Or sign up for an appointment at www.southwestweightloss.com or by calling (602)234-SLIM (7546).

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