Unlike most online diets, or meal planning guides, with our program

** you have access to Dr. Simpson, a weight loss surgeon.
** you have access to our community on Facebook.
** it works with the foods you already eat, you aren’t forced to purchase prepackaged meals.
** you receive suggestions for improving your overall health, it’s not all about counting calories.

If you did a cost comparison of the 10 most popular online diet services, you would find that our program, supervised by a physician, is actually less money per month than the median price of the other commercial programs.

If you haven’t watched the demo yet, we encourage you to view the brief video.

Normally priced at $15 per month (much less than a gym membership), we offer 3 convenient subscription packages. Prices listed are for the specified time period*:

3 months:          $40.00 (savings of $5)

6 months:           $65.00 (savings of $25)

12 months:         $99.00 (savings of $81)

The value of this program is huge, and we’ve priced the subscriptions so that you’ll get the most value, at the most savings. Once you purchase a subscription package, you’ll provide us with your email address, and within 24 hours, your access code will be emailed to you.  You’ll begin to enjoy the benefits of our special meal planning software as soon as you log-in.

Get your subscription at our low introductory rates, and begin to embrace healthy lifestyle changes that improve your overall wellness, and shrink your waistline.

*your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. You can cancel your monthly access at anytime. We do not provide refunds however for unused blocks of time.

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