We are a uniquely chosen group comprised of physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychologists, nurses and personnel equipped and skilled to provide the latest and safest techniques and methodologies in weight loss.

Anesthesia is important to weight loss surgery patients. We have a select group of anesthesiologists who have a special interest in this type of surgery. Many of our anesthesiologists are also cardiac anesthesiologists.

We have a number of psychologists who assist our patients. Dr. Olin will see patients in our office.  Dr. Olin, can evaluate you on Wednesdays, and is available for any other issues.

The first person you meet is our front office manager, Irma.  Irma has had her lap band for several years.

Our bariatric coordinator, Greg, who goes to bat for the insurance, has had his band for a number of years. He no longer has sleep apnea, no longer takes medication for diabetes, and no longer has hypertension.

Dr. Simpson’s nurse is Carol. She is an experienced operating room nurse who has seen thousands of operations performed, and now sees lap band patients before and after weight loss surgery.

Our nutritionist is Nancy. Nancy has been working with Dr. Simpson for several years. Nancy sees all patients pre-op, and after surgery and is present at the support group meetings. In addition, she leads 2 classes that all of our patients are encouraged to attend.

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