What Should You Expect from Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgery is a tool to help you lose weight and have better overall health. It is not a quick fix, and to be successful, you will have to be diligent and work harder than you probably ever have in your life. Your commitment to your weight loss should include new lifestyle habits, and creating a new relationship with food, and physical activity.

Immediately following weight loss surgery, you’ll be expected to follow a strict diet, comprised mostly of liquids for the first several days. Your weight loss surgeon will send you home from the procedure with a detailed diet plan for your first several weeks. Remember, weight loss surgery isn’t an immediate cure for being overweight. It’s the beginning of a journey to improved health, and smaller numbers on the scale.

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New Patients :: $265.00 for Self Pay Initial Office Visit
$150 covers the office visit. $115 covers upper GI procedure, required for all new patients

Already had Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Simpson accepts patients into his practice who may have had their weight loss surgery performed by other doctors. The most common reason we see patients from other surgical practices seems to be the lack of post-op care or post surgery support. We’re committed to helping our patients succeed, and our practice offers comprehensive patient support, both before surgery, and after. You’ll have access to support groups, online communities, weekly newsletters, healthy recipes, webinars, and much more. And what many of our patients truly appreciate, you’ll have access to your surgeon!

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