For Patients Already In Our Practice:  If insurance does not cover the price of your adjustment, they are $100.

Out of Town/Other Practice Patients:  If you come in from out of town and need an adjustment – our price is $200 per adjustment.  If you move here from out of town and want to join our practice, then we will ask you pay a program fee of $500 and the adjustments will be $100 each.  You’ll also be eligible to use coupons.

Patients From Other LapBand Practices:  Yes- we do have patients who have come from other practices around the Valley and they always really enjoy being a member of our program. We would love to have you!

Patients Outside of the US:  If you had your Lapband placed outside of the United States, the fee for an adjustment is $250.  If you wish to join our program, there is a program fee of $500 and the adjustments are $250. You are however, eligible for discounts when you use the coupons.


During every support group meeting, we take attendance and someone wins a free adjustment.  In order to attend our support group you must be a part of our program. For every patient who attends five support groups in a row- they get a free adjustment.

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