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Farewell to True Results

We are happy to help patients who were banded by True Results whether it is to:

(a) Relearn how to use the band and get adjustments as needed
(b) Remove the band and convert to a gastric sleeve to continue with weight loss
(c) Evaluate where you are with your Lap-Band journey and decide if this is best for you

True Results closed their doors a couple of years ago without much notice to their patients. So it will be difficult to even get records of your operation.

We will work with your insurance company, if they cover the band and taking care of it- or we will give you the most competitive price in the valley to help you.

Sometimes True Results did not use insurance benefits and some insurance companies will exclude the Lap-Band from their coverage.

Our model is different than True Results – I do all the adjustments, unless I am out of town and there is an emergency.

In our first consultation, we will:

Get an x-ray of your band so we can see if there are any anatomic issues with it. We do this x-ray in our office

Adjust your band, if needed

Discuss other weight loss surgery options, if you would like.

All for one low fee of $250. Follow up adjustments are typically $150 unless they are covered by insurance, then they are the co-pay and or deductible based on your policy.

Let us know if we can help.